Investment opportunity Lanzhou

As the only national-level new area in the country's northwestern region, Lanzhou New Area (LNA) offers a favorable business environment with comprehensive supporting facilities and policies. International enterprises and investors enjoy the support of the local government, preferential tax policies, streamlined administrative processes, and access to a highly skilled workforce. With its strategic location and rich resources, Lanzhou New Area has become a leading hub for business and innovation in northwest China. We invite you to join us in creating a brighter future for both Lanzhou New Area and your company.

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Creating a brighter future for your company

Lanzhou New Area (LNA) is a unique national-level new area in northwest China, with a favorable business environment, supporting facilities and investment policies. Investors benefit from local government support, tax incentives, efficient processes, and skilled workforce. Lanzhou New Area is a hub for business and innovation, with strategic location and rich resources.

The commitment of the Chinese government to this place is particularly strong, and this will clearly help early movers who aim to expand their business in the region.